Steven Universe-Crack the whip

(THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS OF 8/2’S EPISODE OF STEVEN UNIVERSE.) Okay, I just have to start out by saying wow. That was packed and fantastic. We’ve gotten more Amethyst development and less evidence towards Jasper’s redemption. Let’s get into this. I was pretty amazed at how much Steven and Connie have improved as fighters, especially […]


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The world of heroes-My Hero Academia

     (no major spoilers) When I was a child I had always dreamed of being a superhero, as many children do. While that doesn’t necessarily happen in the real world, Boku no Hero Academia brings that dream to life. MHA takes place in a world where super powers were no longer the works of […]

State of things-8/1/16

It’s only two weeks away from the end of summer at this very moment. I’m not really sure how I feel about that. It’s a weird mixture of anticipation and anxiety where I can’t wait to start my school life again, but afraid I may mess up. But in the end there’s no real way […]