Steven Universe-Crack the whip

(THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS OF 8/2’S EPISODE OF STEVEN UNIVERSE.) Okay, I just have to start out by saying wow. That was packed and fantastic. We’ve gotten more Amethyst development and less evidence towards Jasper’s redemption. Let’s get into this.
I was pretty amazed at how much Steven and Connie have improved as fighters, especially showing Stevens control over his powers. At this point Amethyst has been acting pretty normal, but the Lars shapeshift was pretty creepy though

Passing through the goofing off during the day to the arrival of the first corrupted gem. When Amethyst binds the monster she sort of struggles to poof it, showing her fall off and using all her strength to take it down (which I believe is to foreshadow the later fight). 

Jasper’s arrival on the second monster showing she has”tamed them” through brute strength. Amethyst decides to take her on by herself and let’s the kids fight the monster. Jasper confirms both her and Amethysts are both quartz soldier’s who’s function is to “live to fight”. The fight was completely one sided, with Jasper always having the upper hand with her strength and words. I don’t believe we have ever seen Amethyst in this weak of a state mentally. She has been clinging on to what Rose said, saying she was perfect as she was. But after getting completely demolished, what else does she have left? Jasper having Amethyst within her hand was the most dangerous situation any of the gems have been in since prison break. 

I was so incredibly hyped up when the kids formed Stevonnie with both sword and shield in hand. She was easily able to take on Jasper in a head on fight. With the second monster poofed with the last of the fighting we see Amethyst trying to reform. We see her going through all her past forms, including her insanely large form, and she seems to be trying extremely hard to get out as soon as she can to save the kids. 

She rushed her reformation, and it’s easy to tell not everything is right. She’s ready to save Steven and Connie only to see they’re handling themselves better than she could. With Jasper’s return to the ocean we see more of Amethyst’s inferiority complex ending on “you didn’t need me at all”. With Jasper still on the loose trying to form an army of corrupted Gems and Amethyst questioning her purpose as a gem, it’s left me very excited for what’s to come. This has left itself as one of my favorite episodes so far and I can’t wait for tomorrow. If you’re still here, thanks a lot for taking the time to read my review, and have a great day!


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